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Register your Partnership Firm with Corporating Dreams within 7 days

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Starting @ ₹ 1,299 Only 

Frequently Asked Questions


Just @ ₹ 1,299

  •  PAN Card- ✔

  • Partnership Deed- ✔

  • MSME Registration- ✔

  • GST Registration- X

  • Import Export Code- X

1. How much time it will take to register a Partnership Firm?

It usually takes 7 days to 15 days to register a Partnership Firm if all the documents are in order. 

2. Do I need to be physically present during the registration process?

No there is no need to be physically present as the complete registration process is online. You just share the documents and our team will do the rest. 

3. What is the minimum number of partners for a Partnership Firm?

The minimum number of partners in the case of a Partnership Firm is two. 

4. What is the minimum paid-up capital to form a partnership firm?

There is no need to have a minimum capital to form a partnership firm. 

5. Can a partnership firm be registered at my home address?

Yes, a partnership Firm can be registered at a home address. 

8. Is the member's liability unlimited in a Partnership Firm?

Yes, the members of a partnership Firm have limited liability.

9. Is the audit of a Proprietorship Firm compulsory?

No, an Auditing of a Proprietorship Firm is not compulsory.


  • Name of the firm

  • Mobile Number 

  • Email Id 

  • Pan Card 

  • Photograph

  • Aadhar Card 

  • Bank Statement 

  • Electricity Bill or any other utility bill

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